nbn™ has finally arrived! In preparation for this I decided to purchase a TP-Link WD9977 VDSL modem/router to place in bridge mode and use with my existing Billion 7800VDOX router — in this post I’m going to share the steps needed to setup the WD9977 in bridge mode and use my existing router for all other network tasks:

  • Disable wireless network on TP-Link WD9977
  • Disable DHCP server on WD9977
  • Configure DSL modulation settings on WD9977
  • Place WD9977 into bridge mode
  • Configure WAN port on Billion 7800VDOX

Step 1 – Configure TP-Link WD9977

  1. Factory reset the TP-Link WD9977, set a new password on the device once the factory reset has completed.
  2. Select the ‘Quick Setup’ tab, select ‘Other’ from the ‘ISP List’, click ‘Next’.
  3. Quick Setup > Internet Setup.
    • L2 Interface Type: VDSL
    • VLAN: Uncheck VLAN ID
    • MER: Uncheck Enable
    • Connection Type: Bridge

  4. Quick Setup > Wireless Settings.
    • Wireless Network (2.4GHz): Uncheck Enable

  5. Select ‘I am using a wired connection.’, click ‘Next’ to continue.
  6. Quick Setup > Summary. Click ‘Finish’ to continue.
    • Connection Type: Bridge
    • Connection Status: Connected
    • Wireless Network (2.4GHz): Disabled

  7. Advanced > Network > DSL Settings.
    • DSL Modulation Type: VDSL2
    • Annex Type: Annex A
    • Bit Swap: Check Enable
    • SRA: Uncheck Enable

  8. Advanced > Network > LAN Settings.
    • IP Address: e.g.
    • Subnet Mask: e.g.
    • DHCP: Uncheck Enable

    Set the IP information accordingly, if you need to make future adjustments on the WD9977 you will need to connect to a spare LAN port on the WD9977 and create a static IP connection on the same network.

    I use 192.168.0.x addresses on the WD9977 and 192.168.1.x addresses on the 7800VDOX.

  9. Advanced > System Tools > Time Settings.
    Adjust your time settings accordingly, click ‘Save’.
  10. Configuration completed on the WD9977, proceed to the Billion 7800VDOX.

Step 2 – Configure Billion 7800VDOX

  1. Configuration > WAN > WAN Service.
    • WAN Port: Ethernet
    • Type: IP over Ethernet
    • Description: e.g. Enter your ISP name
    • Available Routed WAN interfaces: Ensure ipoe_eth0/eth0.1 is in this list.

  2. Click ‘Next’, configuration completed on the 7800VDOX.

Please feel free to let me know if there is anything you’d like to know more about or any suggestions you may have! 🙂