Hi! I'm a full stack software engineer located in Melbourne, Australia with over 12+ commercial years experience across the entire stack from idea, design, build and launch process.


Got an idea or have a problem that needs solving! Drop me a line to tee up chat!


Bare metal to that fresh web application, I have you covered all the way through the entire process!


Android, Android, Android… I speak Android fluently!


Simply love tech and using a soldering iron! Androids to Arduinos, software to hardware!

Take a look at some of my latest work…


PIDflight develops and builds a variety of projects designed for first person view (FPV) multirotor / drone users.

This is FPV is a platform for first person view (FPV) multirotor users to discover other FPV pilots from around the world.

myUsage is an Android application designed primarily to keep track of internet and mobile data usage, later expanded into other account types such as postage tracking, tolls, reward cards and more for Australian users.

rotorOverflow is a question and answers platform designed for the multirotor RC community.

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I'm available for new projects and would love to hear about yours, please take a moment to tell me more about it!

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HTTPS, there’s no more excuses!

HTTPS, there’s no more excuses!

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Ubuntu 18.04… bon voyage 16.04!

Ubuntu 18.04… bon voyage 16.04!

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PlatformIO to the rescue!

PlatformIO to the rescue!

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